Welcome to Kiskadee Music!

Powerful inspirational music created by me singer songwriter Chris Prashad- Kiskadee Music Kiskadee Music is powerful inspirational music created by me singer songwriter Chris Prashad and named after the Kiss-ka-dee, Guyana’s most popular song birds greeting the rising sun with its tantalizing loud melodies as everybody wakes up to face the challenges of each new day.

My hope for the website is to be a forum to share our experiences, our talents, our culture, our need for unifying the Almighty’s creation of human beings, created in His image and likeness. We are all His children. He does not see color but our minds, our thoughts, good or evil, and I do hope that through my music I can evoke some joy in your hearts and respect for one another.

My song I LOVE MY GUYANA speaks of leaving a legacy. This is my legacy for all to enjoy as the children of our Creator, as brothers and sisters, always. It is my hope through this medium my songs will again come alive and be nurtured by generations to come.

New ReleaseSo Strange (2nd Edition) This is a revised edition of this song video created to mark the Wedding Anniversary of my son, Navin.

For the young folks contemplating marriage, or already married, and those happily married couples who happen to stumble upon this video I do hope all of you can relate to this song. If you enjoy watching and listening to the lyrics of this song as I found great joy putting it together for your enjoyment, then please share the joy with all your friends and acquaintances. Also Subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you can receive new releases as they are published from time to time

Just remember that we are the sum total of all the decisions and the choices we  make, the failures and the successes we experience on life’s pathway; and that the future is always ours to create realistically.

To all my students still with us today, and to all of you who never knew me, to you I say – WELCOME TO MY WORLD – as Jim Reeves so nicely put it.

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