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United News Channel TV

United News Channel TV – Combats Fake News!

United News Channel TVThe United News Channel TV is now online to combat the fake news cabal, manipulated mainstream media like CNN, MSNBC (a CIA operative) FOX, ABC etc. UNC is an independent news channel for and by the people. News that matters verified and fact checked by a Quantum Intelligence System.

No more censorship of the truth, no more shadow banning and deleting of news exposing the corrupt psychopaths for what they are and this includes politicians in high places. No one is above the laws of the original organic constitution.

Please check them out!

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Working the Farm in Guyana

Please visit my Photo Gallery where I am working the farm in Guyana, clearing the property, digging irrigation canals and harvesting avocados and bananas.


Healthy Home Cooking Series – Guyanese Style!

Healthy Home Cooking - Guyanese Style!Chris releases his 1st video in a series of videos to come “Healthy Home Cooking – Guyanese Style!” Whether you are a novice or professional testing or trying out new recipes can be really enjoyable.

Innovate, create, share your joys with others as he does.

Check out his 1st video by clicking here.