Music Videos

These videos showcase some of my musical pieces and is provided for your entertainment and enjoyment. More tracks and videos will be added from time to time.

This song paints a word and graphic scenario of a time when external political forces pitted the two major ethnic groups in Guyana against each other, when true democracy was sabotaged, and conflicts against each group were deliberately instigated.

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This video (Dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples of Guyana and elsewhere) is just a tiny showcase of the undiscovered magnificent and jaw dropping natural beauty of GUYANA, a small English speaking country perched on the northern coast of Brazil between Venezuela on the West and Suriname on the East.

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This song is a reflection of my life. Being the eldest of 12 siblings it was indeed very difficult to get by without help from others and this song recognizes their contributions and influences as I grew up facing all the challenges of being poor. My parents did all they possibly could with much sacrifice to get me where I am today.

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As a young man in my late teens and early twenties I used to think that falling in Love was a wonderful experience, but I suffered a rude awakening when faced with reality and huge obstacles – me being of a poor family and my girlfriend in the opposite category. It was an uphill battle. And yes, I loved and lost, but later in my life history repeated itself and this time LOVE won the battle.

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