"I Love My Guyana"

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I love my Guyana

Land of sunshine, Savana;

Many Rivers, Mountains too,

Evergreen trees and Lakes but few.

Land where men dig for gold

And sing their songs of days of old;

Where strange men sought a city of gold,

El Dorado, they never behold.




I shall never leave this Land

For another foreign Land

I shall remain to carry on

Even when all my friends are gone.

And if my God should call on me,

I shall leave a legacy.

Then in my grave I shall rest in peace

Until I am called to eternity.


I love my Guyana

Land of Greenheart, Walaba.

Land of six peoples united, free;

Awaken to the songs of the Kiss-ka-dee.

I love my Guyana

Famous Kaieteur, Roraima;

Land where the air is fresh and pure,

A strong and healthy nation ensure.


(Repeat chorus)


Composed and set to music by

Chrisnah Prashad

February, 1970

© Chrisnah Prashad Jan. 2015

All rights reserved


For the benefit of non-Guyanese

1.The legend of El Dorado – City of Gold, attracted many notorious human land grabbing animals to this continent who slaughtered thousands of our indigenous peoples besides infecting them with their European diseases that resulted in the death of many thousands more.

2. Greenheart and Walaba are two of Guyana’s best hardwoods.

3. Kiss-ka-dee is one of Guyana’s most popular song birds greeting the rising sun with its tantalizing loud melodies as every body wakes up to face the challenges of each new day.

4.Kaieteur is the worlds most famous water-falls with a sheer single drop of over 741 feet.

5. Roraima is the highest mountain and marks the point of a tri-national boundary between Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil.

This song was written as a school song for the children of the Charity and Siriki Primary Schools in Region 2 of Guyana. It paints a word picture of some of the natural resources the country is blessed with and complements the song – “OH HOW HAPPY CAN GUYANA BE!

It is hoped that through this medium these songs will again come alive and nurtured by generations to come.