"My Life Depends on You"

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When the sun goes down and stars light up the sky

I recall sweet memories of only you

When I lay me down, to rest my weary head

Close my eyes, and then I dream of only you



My heart yearns for you, I need you so

I love you and my life depends on you


I hunger for your touch when ever I’m alone

But all I have are memories of times we share

And everywhere I go your memories linger on

O my love I can’t forget a love so dear



My heart yearns for you, I need you so

I love you and my life depends on you


When I kiss your lips a blissful fire burns

And my heart overflows with love for you

I long to hold you close and never let you go

Cause my love, I get so lonely without you



My heart yearns for you, I need you so

I love you and my life depends on you

Oh yes my life depends on you


Composed and set to music by

Chrisnah Prashad

February, 1970

© Chrisnah Prashad Jan. 2015

All rights reserved


As a young man in my late teens and early twenties I used to think that falling in Love was a wonderful experience, but I suffered a rude awakening when faced with reality and huge obstacles – me being of a poor family and my girlfriend in the opposite category. It was an uphill battle. We could not be seen in public, for fear that word would get around. It was horrible, painful, unpredictable what the other side would do to protect their daughter and sister. It was out of this scenario that this song was born. I could only dream of our life together. And yes, I loved and lost but later in my life history repeated itself and this time LOVE won the battle.

The yearning to be in each others company was overwhelming, but we stuck to our guns and eventually, unmindful of the consequences, we scaled the walls of divide and LOVE blossomed and bloomed. There is no greater love than the love a mother and father feel for their offspring and I get that. But the fight was worth it and this song paints a musical word picture of our pains, our bleeding hearts, our emotions, and our unshaken love for each other. The visual effects add a greater dimension to this song and hopefully this will create a pleasant vision in your mind each time you hear the words of this song where ever you may be.

Now for the third time in my life due to circumstances beyond my control – job wise – I find myself relating to this song with even deeper feelings. It has been many years now that loneliness has crept back into my life. I can only spend time with my family during vacation time.

And now it is with pleasure that I share and dedicate this song to everyone who can relate to this situation., particularly those in the Armed Forces, the Military, yes families that have been shredded apart having lost a loved one as duty calls leaving a flood of painful emotions overshadowing a once happy family. Yes, life in itself can be cruel and unfair, but TRUE LOVE can withstand the test of time. Share the love and it will return to you multiplied several fold. Replace it with lust or hate and your life is doomed.