"Oh How Happy Can Guyana Be" (Radio Version)

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O how happy can Guyana be!

One People, One Nation, One Destiny.

Oh how happy can Guyana be,

If we live and work in unity.


It’s another Anniversary

Since we have gained our liberty

Let’s celebrate with Festivity

Singing praise to the Almighty


Repeat verse one ( Sung with harmony)


Let us all strive to build this country

Bury all hatred and enmity

Self-reliance is what we need

With the help of God we will succeed


Repeat verse one…..


Many are the battles we have to win

Racialism is a national sin

Let’s co-operate and eradicate

Every evil deed that we contemplate


Repeat verse one – with harmony.


Composed and set to music by

Chrisnah Prashad

February, 1970

© Chrisnah Prashad Jan. 2015

All rights reserved


This song was written at a time when external political forces pitted the two major ethnic groups in Guyana against each other, when true democracy was sabotaged, and conflicts against each group were deliberately instigated. It was my hope that through this song, commemorating our Independence from the British colonial masters on May 26, 1965, the healing process would begin.

But I too was politically victimized and my work was never given the recognition it deserved. It is time that all Guyanese take a good look at ourselves and shed all animosity against each other because of skin color and origin. We were never like this in the 50’s and early 60’s. We are One People, One Nation, with One Destiny. Yes we are all Guyanese and identify as such not by race. Cherish the message in this song, and let the healing process begin and continue way into the future. Here is where our Educational institutions can play a major role. Let the truth be known.