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chris guyana mapI want to share with you some pictures of my farm, and where I grew up in the Pomeroon.

I have also added some friends pictures showcasing the natural beauty, and some resorts of Guyana, the country of my birth.

Be sure to visit often as more and more will be added from time to time. Feel free to share your pictures with me so others around the world can enjoy your talent.


Working The Farm 20 Years Later

Growing up in a farming community I began my first garden in our yard at the family-farm called Grant Unity, located in the heart of a developing township called Charity on the left bank of the Pomeroon River in Guyana. As a teenager I helped my dad on the farm and learned the ropes of farming for years.  Farming was infused into my DNA.


During the time I worked for my Dad I also worked as a teacher in every field of the school system. Later on in 1980 my wife and I bought a 60 acre block of farm land a mile and a quarter away from my parents place in the same township. I tried to get it going for a while but without a proper drainage and irrigation system I found myself climbing up a very steep cliff and the situation then forced me to rest the land for a while yet.

20 years later I was able to raise enough funds to finance a comprehensive drainage and irrigation system. This was a great dream becoming reality. While the drainage system was being taken care of my team and I found ways and means to clear the forested land and began the land preparations for planting.

The project began in August 2018 and the pictures you are looking at now shows the end result of our efforts. I am sharing this with you with the hope that my efforts will serve as an inspiration for you to go after your dreams no matter how long it takes.

Pics from Around Guyana


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